Denise Dartmoor Nordic Walking

About Me

Having spent most of my personal life keeping fit and taking part in sport and fitness activities, walking, living and working on Dartmoor, working in the Leisure and Fitness Industry, I decided I needed a new activity to help to keep me fit. I love the outdoors, don't particularly like running but wanted something more than walking. On a recent sabbatical - travelling around Europe with my Husband and 2 dogs in our Motorhome for 15 months…I discovered Nordic Walking. I bought a set of poles, looked up the technique on Google and gave it a try…..But found I had Trekking Poles not Nordic Walking poles ( yes there is a difference!). Trying to learn the technique from the internet didn't really work for me, but I could feel the benefits, especially walking the hills, there are a lot of hills in the Alps! I wanted to learn more and realised I could help others to learn too, so when we returned home from our travels I trained to become a Nordic Walking Instructor…and here I am today as Dartmoor Nordic Walking, passing on my knowledge and experience to you.

I have also added Level 2 Fitness Walking, Level 3 Exercise Referral and Outdoor First Aid to my qualifications and am now a Personal Trainer.

If you would like to learn the technique of Nordic Walking, I have regular courses throughout the year. If you have already learnt the technique you can join us on any of the regular walks around the amazing areas of Dartmoor. Walks vary from 1- 3 hours. They are ‘Fitness’ walks, ‘Just walks’, ‘Beginners walks’ so take your pick. If none of the days or dates suit you to either learn, or walk, you can book a one-to-one session to suit you, or if you have a few friends who would like to come along, a work group, a holiday planned, then you can book a private session.
For those of you would would like to join us on our walks, but are not so keen to use poles 'fitness and guided walks' on Dartmoor, could be your choice, along with "Walk with Winnie"
For more details, take a look at my walks.