A Thank You!

Our walk on Saturday started from Meldon Reservoir as normal, great views, good company and exercise.

However, one of our walkers became unwell and I had to call for help. She was walked off the moors by North Dartmoor Search and Rescue and after a thorough check over by the NHS Emergency team was given the all clear to go home. All is well 😊

We were very fortunate with events as we were in a location next to the reservoir, where the foil blankets we were using could be seen from the damn.

NHS Incident Response Unit arrived from Exeter 50 minutes after my call. Richard my husband arrived at the same time and was able to escort them to our location.

2 of our walkers were at the car park also able to give our location and let us know when help had arrived.

They were closely followed by North Dartmoor Search and Rescue with a one wheeled stretcher suitable for the narrow single track path.

After being assessed by both NDS&R and the paramedics, the group member felt able to walk slowly being assisted all the way to the vehicles and driven back to the car park. She was then given a full assessment by the NHS team and allowed home.

I would like to say a massive thank you firstly to all of my walkers for helping and supporting during this event and to the lady concerned who was a great patient! Richard too. And of course to the NHS Incident Response Team and North Dartmoor Search and Rescue. They did a great job as always 🙏